Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Chapter 2 iron man The return of the iron man - By Peter

Chapter 2 iron man
The return of the iron man

One evening a farmer’s son, a boy called Hogarth, was fishing in a stream that ran down to the sea. It was growing too dark to fish, his hook kept getting caught in weeds and bushes. So he stopped fishing and came up from the stream and stood listening to the owls in the wood further up the valley, and to the sea behind him. Hush, said the seam. And again, Hush. Hush. Hush. Suddenly he felt a strange feeling. He felt he was being watched. He felt afraid. He turned and looked up the steep field to the top of the high cliff. Behind that skyline was the sheer rocky cliff and the sea. And on that skyline, just above the edge of it, in the dusk, were two green lights. What were two green lights doing at the top of the cliff? Then, as Hogarth watched, a huge dark figure climbed up over the cliff-top. mother grew pale. His little sister began to cry. Related image

The water cycle - By Peter

How The Water Cycle Works by Peter Stowers

The Water Cycle is how water goes around and around through the air, falls to the ground and into rivers, streams and the sea. There are 4 stages called “;evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.

Evaporation-Is when the sun temperature come and make the hot the all water will go back to the clouds.

Condensation -Is when you see the clouds getting darker and if the clouds is dark then that means the clouds can’t hold all the water in it can also the water it from into droplets.

Precipitation -As air rises it cools,expands and less ability to hold water vapor
. Air warms as it descends increasing the amount of water vapor it can hold.

Collection -Is when the all waters the fall from sky gathers up and they go to drain then  they go to the sea.And the some goes to the stream or river.

But always remember that the the water cycle never finished but it will always restarts again

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Friday, 1 February 2019

Chapter 1 iron man - By Peter

Chapter  1

The  coming of  iron man

In the story.What I reflect is iron man stood on a cliff he stepped  and then he fell down cash cash cash !  he fell down and all his parts of his body was spread everywhere around the beach.Then iron man pulled back all the parts that he found but he was missing some thing it was his ear so he thought that the sea steal his ear so he walk on the sea and he started looking for his missing ear.   

Friday, 10 August 2018

Jackson the bear - by Peter

                               Jackson the bear

Learning Intention:we are learning to write a narrative story.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write a narrative story by using full stop,capital letters , correct spelling and in paragraph form .

Once upon a time a in a very dark deep forest,live a bear name Jackson. He had sharp teeth,big long paws,big fat belly,black eyes,big ears and hairy skin.

In the forest there was a big dark scary cave where Jackson  was tidying up his bedroom. One morning Jackson came out of his big dark scary cave to hunt lots of big fish for dinner. When he finished fishing, he went back to his big dark scary cave. 

He step on a trap in front of the entrance that belongs to the zookeeper.When he looked up a big heavy net caught him.Then a bell  ring to let the zookeeper know that they caught a big brown bear.

A group of zookeeper came and took him to the cage where there are lots of big brown bear. He saw three brown bear that looks like him. He said "hi" my name is Jackson .The three brown bear said "hi" my name is Benjamin, this is Paul and this Augustine. While they were in the cage they told every bear that Jackson is their best friend. Jackson the bear was happy because he had lots of friends.